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Bank Manipulation Trading Course 2

Congratulations to you, for your taking you first step on this journey to attain financial freedom. Forex Trading, rather learning forex trading seems like a herculean task to many and thus, most people are often intimidated of it.

Special Offer: $3000 $99

Consistency in any field is very important, whether a new or an old trader, our course will provide you with the powerful techniques used by the banks and financial institutions to get regular profits.

I will provide you with sharp strategies and tactics in this course, which I have learnt via virtue of 10 years of experience and market-watching. Besides this, I have learnt this methodology from one of the top treasury managers of Mashreq Bank, UAE, wherein he taught me how the big boys (money makers) manipulate the market and trap the retail players like you and I into the quicksand of loss. Sadly, he was only paid few thousands of dollars in return for the millions of dollars of profits that he was booking for the Big B that he worked for.

Siby bank-manipulation

Now being an independent trader, I have been making enormous profits each month from my laptop, spending only few hours a day, at the very comfort of my house, just because of my vast market experience. The very same tactics will be provided to you. 

Why This Course?

Few questions that come to everyone’s mind are

Question: Why would I reveal my secrets to make merry money?
Answer: I want everyone to prosper.

Question: What is my benefit?
Answer: Everyone is benefited at the same time.

Question: What is my loss?
Answer: There is no loss to anyone at the same time.

And this is the best thing about forex markets.

If you all join me, all of us will work at the same time and in the same direction. This means that you and I will be trading simultaneously, no extra time is required for any number of people in the group.

When we – a big group, will be taking the same trades, at the same time, in a big volume; the markets will start moving in our direction. If we all make a buy move, the market will go up and if we make a sell move, the market will go down. This way the market will always be favorable for us because of big moves.

Special Offer: $3000 $99

Reason To Join The Course

Top 4 reasons why you should join course:

The success-rate of this course is 95% and you’ll be rigging profits right from the very first week of accurate implementation.

This method is suitable for all traders (beginners to experts); all time frames; all financial markets (currency, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies), with an assurance of profitable trades every time.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn from all the live trading demonstrations provided by me in this course and gain from the visual movements.

In the past, this strategy was a secret for only the Big Financial Institutions and Money makers, but now, I am making it available for retail traders like you and me. Normally, revealing such well-guarded trading secrets, cost nothing less than 15,000$. But for very limited time, I’ll give you the access to it for only 99$.

What you will learn in my course?​


In my course I will explain you the principles of trading based on demand and supply. This will enable you to choose the right trading tactics as used by the big boys, banks and financial institutions to trap the retail traders and thereby, manipulating the markets.

The key element of the trade is to decide when to go for a big lot trade and when to go small. My course will explain you the same in detail. You will easily come to know the trading patterns well in advance, i.e., when the prices will go up or go down.

In my course you will also learn to judge the time of trading done by the banks, big houses and Big Financial Institutions. This increases the odds of your success and your profitability as you will be following the smart moves of the 3 Bs – Banks, Big Houses and Big Financial Institutions.

In my course, we will make you learn a language known as “Japanese Candlesticks”. This language enables you to read the market charts, one you learn this language you will have command on your strategies.

Once you learn this language, you will attain the skill to understand the “candlestick pattern” formations. By this pattern you will come to know the information about the buyer and sellers’ state of mind and to judge the future pricing and trends of the market.

Beginners or advanced traders must have knowledge of this language. This is a basic thing and I’ll explain it to you.

You will also learn the types of market

In this course, second skill is to learn the types of market

After finishing the course, you will be able to differentiate the markets. Once you differentiate the market, you will also learn to identify the impulsive and retracement moves of the market.

I will make you learn the turning points of the market – The Support and the Resistance. These turning points have great influence on the mindsets of buyers and sellers.

As already mentioned earlier, that basic knowledge is a must for all traders. Advanced traders may skip the basic lessons but the beginners must study these lessons positively. Before investing your money in trading, you all must invest your time to study all the technical methods taught I my course so as to make yourself a master trader by using our advanced trading procedures.

Special Offer: $3000 $99

Modules of the Course you will learn

Module 1


Trading Basics


Induction to Supply & Demand Trading​

Module 2
Module 3


Candlestick Patterns and Price Action


The Secrets Revealed

Module 4


Few of the Live Results using Bank Trading Method

Learn to Trade Forex from a full time Professional Trader

Special Offer: $3000 $99