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Huobi Token


Huobi is an exchange based token which is a decentralized digital asset of the Huobi Global crypto exchange. It grew out of China and  spread across the globe making Huobi group the third largest exchange in crypto currency. Huobi token is their currency and has a maximum supply of 500 Million.  Along with the token the users are offered benefits like low transaction fees and trade of all crypto currencies against its own value. Numerous other tokens before Huobi existed like Binance Coin,  KUCoin, Cross, etc. While looking at their success they were assured at they too would  progress in the exchange market.

History of Huobi

It was launched in the beginning of 2018 and within 15 days distributed 300 Million tokens to its pro users. HT was not distributed on the ICO scheme as they opted for first come first serve basis. China had come up with various regulations on cryptocurrency trading. Keeping this in mind they came up with new ways to attract more users. They were given a discounted price in return of buying special service packages. All the tokens pulled out daily were sold within minutes.

The growth of Huobi Token and its workings

60% of the total current supply is in public circulation and the other 40% is set aside. Out of this 20% is vested for four years and constitutes team rewards and the other 20% is put into platform operations and user rewards.

A management and holding company and an investment farm. The exchanges it has are Huobi Global, Huobi Korea and Huobi Japan. Like many others it lends financial services via HT. This allows you to buy crypto currencies and trade in them.

Benefits and features Huobi Token has to offer

The huobi are global exchange leaders. They offer all token holders multiple benefits and here are some of them.

It allows peer to peer lending and offers loans at 0.03% interest rate. Huobi bank debit/credit cards enables one to purchase huobi tokens. With zero security incidents, liquidity rates ranked No. 1 around the world. Additional benefits like invitation and rebates, reward of sub-tokens, OTC legal services, ecological trading zone and free discounts.

As mentioned earlier Huobi group has gone global. They have established regulated entities in various parts of the world. Relentlessly providing millions of users spread across more than 100 countries with trustworthy Internet of Value services.




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