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How to Open Forex Broker

How to Open Forex Broker

How to Open Forex Broker, Ever dreamt of opening your own forex brokerage? Here’s how you can set up your own forex broker house / grey label / white label for FREE!

It is irrefutable that forex trading is not only the biggest financial market in the world but also the one that is gaining massive popularity amongst all investors for its profit spectrum. Many brokerages, with the help of effective risk management setup, have tactfully claimed their share of this magnum opus. Why should you stay behind?

Opening a Forex Broker from the scratch.

Opening a Forex Broker from the scratch, surely sounds exciting, nonetheless; it is cumbersome, time-consuming and a cost-intensive affair. These are six essential steps for setting up a forex brokerage firm:

  1. Identifying and defining your target market – research-oriented decisions like location, licensing, the segment of the market, modus operandi, etc.
  2. Maintaining sufficient capital – for setting up the business entity, paying the service providers, opening a bank account, operational costs and reserve funds (this varies as per the jurisdiction and regulatory requirements of each Licensing body).
  3. Choosing a service provider, liquidity provider– crucial decision – depending upon your budget and liquidity requirements. It is always advised to opt for reputed Forex entities to ensure the safety of your funds and that of your clients’.
  4. Selecting a reliable Payment Gateway – Make sure that you have a flawless system to accept Deposits and process withdrawals effectively. Crypto-based inbuilt gateways are becoming the favorites of all big junkies for their instant settlement and security.
  5. Commencing brokerage operations – Rigorous workload including design of the website, choice of the trading platform, office setup, recruitment, setting up sales and customer support team.
  6. Launching the Business – includes both pre-launch and launching stage. Pre-launch for testing the functionality of the website, payment gateway, mobile app, and other technicalities before the website goes live and creating a buzz with an effective marketing strategy for Launch Day.

Having second thoughts after seeing the complexity and the cost involved? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted for you and all that too for FREE!!!

We provide a tried and tested, automated brokerage setup that is designed and customized with/without your branding, in form of a white-label or grey-label solution, saving you from the hassles of technical requirements, organizational setup, huge capital investments and so on. Both white and grey-labels have low operating costs and don’t need a huge setup. Furthermore, you can even apply for a license on the basis of it, at significantly lesser prices.
By partnering with us, you can save a lot of money, time and effort. By implementing our professional, tailor-made ready-to-use solution in around 3 weeks. This makes owning an MT4 or MT5 cost for substantially cheaper than starting a forex brokerage entity from the very scratch. Here’s a list of the things included in our package: –

  • White Label / Grey Label of MT4 or MT5
  • Liquidity from Tier-1 Liquidity Providers
  • A single account with 80+ pairs
  • Several connectivity methods: Prime XM and One Zero
  • Trader’s Room / CRM for your clients (frontend) and a back office for your team (backend)
  • PAMM / MAM / Social Trading
  • Crypto payment gateway
  • Inbuilt Affiliate and IB referral module: Lots, Markups, % Commission Fee
  • Landing page / Sales Page
  • 24/7 customer support in 7 languages
  • Cost-effective pricing (Revenue sharing model or a software fee)

With our experience and expertise in building forex broker houses from scratch, we’ve been able to services over 15 clients across the globe. If you would like to start your own broker / white label / grey label in just 3 weeks, get in touch with us to get started and reap the maximum benefits.

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