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Open Grey Label

Forex Grey Label

What is Open Grey Label?

For those who plan on starting a Forex Brokerage company and that too at a low cost- Grey Label is the best solution for you! Open Grey Label platform serves as a great option for those who want to start a small Online Forex Trading Brokerage business.

This low-cost software is an economical version of the White Label which is identical in its workings as if you own the main server with all the aid for managing your client trading requirements and help you step up as your business expands. For those who wish to start with investing less money, then Grey Label is a perfect option for them.

Characteristics of a Forex Grey Label

  • Franchisee of a White Label Broker-

Grey Label is a kind of Franchise of a Forex White Label wherein one can operate their business under the brand of the main broker but with the elasticity to put in their own terms and conditions as well. Example:

  1. Set Spread
  2. Commissions
  3. Account or Membership Plans
  4. CRM Leverage of Choice
  5. Own branded website
  • Co-branded Forex Brokerage Solution-

Under Grey Label those who start their business have the liberty to use their brand Logo and identity on their website as well as traders’ room even though the Trading Terminal shows the brand of White Label Broker you are part of.

You can use your desired logo everywhere possible like Website, Traders Room, Email, Adverts, Letter Head, Banners, and all other modes of marketing and customer communication.

  • Cheapest Forex Brokerage Solution-

Generally, a White Label Solution will cost anywhere around USD 5000, also a monthly MT4 White Label or MT5 White Label would cost a monthly recurring charge of USD 2000.

On the other side, a Forex Grey Label Cost significantly varies through different service providers and also majorly depends on the kinds of add on tools and services one has opted for like website, PAMM, MAM, CRM, Traders Room, IB, Affiliate modules, Liquidity, etc. The cost of all this provided by a Grey Label solution provider can be as low as USD 500, depending on what tools and services one has opted for which excludes a setup cost.Fastest Forex Brokerage Start Up

  • Fastest Forex Brokerage Start Up-

A great feature that Grey Label provides you with is the easy accessibility to start a business. In general, if you opt for a MT4 or MT5 White Label, one needs to pay the fee in advance followed by successful credit in Meta Quotes Account and then MT4 / MT5 White Label Solution Provider will initiate the application along with KYC details. So, to put it in nutshell,

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