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Open White Label

Understanding Forex White Label

Learn about Open White Label

As we know, Forex Market is enormous with a low barrier to entry, making it practically effortless for any

new trader to carve their name to fame.

As a starter, before one dive into the market, the first question that arises is whether one wants to

develop their own forex trading platform or get started with a white label provider.

But what does a White Label Provider do? In this article, we will explore the same clearly.

Understanding Forex White Label


What is Open White Label?

To put it in simple words, white-label simply is the process in which one firm buys another firm’s product

and then marketing it in the market with his brand name.

So, one can use various software like MT4/MT5, Web Trader or a Mobile Trader and put their branding on it.

Open White Label is a perfect way to get your forex brokerage business up and running in a short

span of time. It saves you the trouble of spending behind set up costs, getting a license and bringing in

all the technology together.

It can be effortlessly said that White Label is a finished bundle with start to finish innovation that can

be tweaked dependent on your prerequisites.

Pros of an Open White Label

Pros of a White Label

Lower entry barriers: White Label gives you the privilege of starting your own brokerage with lower

initial costs by simply hiring services of an MT4 and can quickly pay a monthly fee for open white label.

Thus, this gives you the chance to stand in the same place as a person who is starting their own

brokerage with buying a platform.

Easy maintenance: Having a White Label service, it gives you a sign of relief that you don’t need to be

an expert in knowing the technicality of a trading platform.

Moreover, it saves you from dealing with renting servers and you don’t need to go deep into trade

dealing specifics and trading platform configurations. All these things are taken care of by the company

that provides you with a white label.

Easy to use platform: White Label is a gem for the novice traders as it’s undemanding and a sophisticated

platform to trade-in. Being an easy and comfortable platform, all that is required is to practice and

become acclimated to the tools of the white label platform.

Cons of a White Label

Dependence on platform owner: White Label restricts you from configuring all of the available MT4

server settings as you will be using other companies brokerage since it’s rented and not owned.

In addition, you can likewise not access all the plug-ins or add-ons from third-party developers, as this

may alter the performance of the entire MT4 server. This constrains your working when you rent a server.

No economies of scale: It can happen so that with time your client base grows bigger and this will make

you pay more for your white label services.

In such times, it makes more sense to own a trading platform instead of renting a platform.

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