Red Star Forex ( Forex Broker

Who are we?

We are a Wealth Management Company called Red Forex, LLC, which has been incorporated as a "Regulated Forex Broker" in HongKong, Headquartered at Bangkok, Thailand by a team of Professional Traders who have a wonderful track record in Forex Trading.

What do we do?

We offer Wealth Management through our PAMM Account services. Red Star Forex's PAMM Account Services - where our expert team of traders and fund managers Trade in the Company’s account (Master account) and all their trades get copied to all the Investors' Accounts (Follower accounts). The whole idea behind this is to let you reap the benefits of the expertise and strategies of our Fund Management Team with a Profit sharing model of 70:30, where you only give 30% of the Profits earned in your account for Multiplying your Wealth for you.

We Are The Only Wealth Management Company That Offers The Following:

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Thank you for your interest in Red Star Forex. Looking forward to working with you.