William Bond William Bond (Chief Fund Manager at Red Star Forex, LLC)


William Bond is an Award-Winning Trader and a Certified Elliotician. He possesses deep knowledge of Forex markets and have traded Millions of Dollars over the Last 15 years. His Contribution to the Forex Industry has been Significant as he has mentored numerous traders across the world in Elliot Wave Theory. William also conducts trading seminars all over the globe with the live trading sessions. William also the author of a financial trading book – “Licence to Trade”. William also won numerous trading championships awards for his excellent trading skills and in fund management. He was awarded as the “Best trader’ by Zulu Trade in 2010.

William is an innovator and scientist. His first major invention was in 1994 {rain detector} that made him win the International Young Scientist Award. William holds 63 patents in the field of science and technology.

William is a renown philanthropist. He always persevered to serve the humanity. He served in the United Nations’ Disaster and Rescue Management Team. His Contribution was noted during the Nepal Earthquake (2015) Rescue Operations as he had helped in saving many lives and had helped in building shelter and arranging food for elderly homeless people

William is presently working as The Chief Fund Manager at Red Star Forex, LLC. His goal has always been to help millions of people achieve financial freedom so that those people can selflessly help other people.